Ashley & Damon (Blog Series)

Episode – 1

What if your soulmate is none other than your very own best friend ? That’s quite a soup ain’t it ? For Ashley Reynolds love sounded like crap during her high school days. But controlling the chemical reactions isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. 99.99 % people fail in front of the power of love and so did Ashley.

( Ashley ‘s Home , Houston )

Ashley : Mom plz ! all my friends are going to the concert. Kindly grant me the permission.

Rayna : No means no. You are a brat and also a spendthrift. I would no longer allow you to spill my hard earned money in concerts and clubs.

Ashley : Oh really ? How many times have I even stepped outside the house now that you accuse me of squandering your salary ?

Rayna : After me and your dad divorced I didn’t receive a penny from him only because he was unemployed at that time. Remember it is me who is working day and night for you not your dad ?

Ashley : Mom enough. I won’t attend the concert. Happy ?

Rayna : But where you’re going now ? Ashley listen to me …. Ashhhh.

Well Ashley and Rayna have always had a disturbed relationship since she was more closer to her dad Shawn who reluctantly signed the divorce papers and lost his daughter’s custody coz he was jobless. But that didn’t stop him from visiting Ashley at least once a month.

( Rogers Cafe )

Melissa : Guys ! There’s Ashley.

Lola : She looks upset.

Damon : What happened baby ? Why are you crying ? Hey ! look at me.

Ashley : I don’t wanna live anymore. My mom sucks !!!

Damon : Shhhh. Sweetheart stop now. If you don’t then I’ll start crying even louder.

Melissa : Enough of drama both of you. Lola did you ever hear a person address his best friend as baby , sweetheart , etc ?

Lola : Never. I have been telling you since a long time that there’s something more than friendship brewing between Ashley & Damon.

Damon : Can you girls just shut up for god sakes ? Ash’s deeply hurt about something.

Lola : Sorry. C’mon Ash tell us what’s wrong ? Did you fight with your mom again ?

Damon : Ash , my baby what did your mom say ? Just tell me. I’m gonna deal with her.

Melissa : By the way , Damon you sound like her possessive boyfriend instead of a protective best friend.

Lola : LOL

Ashley : Damon I need to talk to you. Guys will you just give us a minute ?

Melissa : Okay. Let’s go Lola.

Damon : Do you need a coffee ?

Ashley : No. Damon ain’t I worthy of love ?

Damon : What kinda question is this ? Of course you are. You know I love you.

Ashley : But why doesn’t my mom love me ? She always holds me responsible for everything.

Damon : She did not allow you to go to the concert ?

Ashley : You know why ? She believes that I’m a pain in her ass.

Damon : Enough. If you aren’t going then even I won’t. Let’s watch a movie at my place.

Ashley : Okay. I don’t know how will I live when you get a job and leave Houston.

Damon : Don’t worry. I’ll take you along with me.

Ashley : Only if I were your girlfriend.

Damon : Then be my girlfriend.

Ashley : Are you kidding ? Me and your girlfriend ? No way.

Damon : Well I wonder what kinda girlfriend you might be.

Ashley : Wait until I get a boyfriend.

Damon : I can’t. You know I’m impatient. Start dating quickly and I hope you’re mom won’t forbid you from dating at least.

Ashley : No she won’t. (Laughs).

To be continued …

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