Ashley & Damon ( Blog Series )

Episode – 2

( Damon’s House )

Kylie : Welcome Ashley !

Ashley : How are you ?

Kylie : I’m doing great. What about you ?

Ashley : Actually …

Damon : Mom she’s in here for a movie hangout. So , would you excuse us ?

Kylie : Sure. Have fun both of you.

Damon : This time I’m gonna decide which movie to watch.

Ashley : Not a sci-fi movie plz.

Damon : My Best Friend’s Wedding.

Ashley : I have watched it a zillion times. Not this.

Damon : But I haven’t. We will watch this. That’s it.

After the movie was over –

Damon : It’s sad that two friends couldn’t become life partners. Ash what happened to you ?

Ashley : I’m alright.

Damon : Hey ! Come here. You know what friendship and love are totally different. But if you believe that you are actually in love with a friend then maybe it’s more than friendship kinda relationship.

Ashley : I felt bad for Julia’s character coz she deeply loved her best friend but unfortunately he didn’t.

Damon : I brought you home so that you would stop crying. But look you are shedding tears here as well. C’Mon be a good girl.

Ashley : I wanna stay with you tonight.

Damon : Then stay my love.

Ashley : But mom ?

Damon : Don’t worry I’ll talk to her.

Ashley : And your parents ?

Damon : I’ll convince them too.

Ashley : Seriously ? I love you muah.

Damon : I love you too.

Damon manages to persuade his parents as well as Ashley’s mom , Rayna. Ashley and Damon spend the entire night discussing about several topics about love , life and happiness. They fall asleep on the couch holding each other tight like two inseparable besties.

( In the morning )

Damon : Baby wake up. Ash look I’ve brought your favorite cappuccino. Open your eyes plzz.

Ashley : Good Morning !

Damon : Morning !!! Coffee for you.

Ashley : Thanks.

James : Sorry to disturb you guys. Ashley your mom has called and just wants you home soon. I think she missed you a lot last night.

Damon : Dad she will go. I’ll drop her.

Ashley : I’ll just finish the coffee and …

James : Ya sure. Ok see ya later.

Damon : Seems like your mom has realized her mistake.

Ashley : It’s mere acting. Once I reach home she would begin yelling at me for staying at your place.

Damon : I hope she doesn’t. Look just learn how to deal with a single mom. All your problems will be solved.

Ashley : But how ? Dealing with a single mom huh ?

Damon : Just Google it.

Ashley : Very funny. Anyway since I’m done with the coffee shall we leave.

Damon : Yup. Let’s go.

To be continued …

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