Ashley & Damon ( Blog Series )

Episode – 2

( Damon’s House )

Kylie : Welcome Ashley !

Ashley : How are you ?

Kylie : I’m doing great. What about you ?

Ashley : Actually …

Damon : Mom she’s in here for a movie hangout. So , would you excuse us ?

Kylie : Sure. Have fun both of you.

Damon : This time I’m gonna decide which movie to watch.

Ashley : Not a sci-fi movie plz.

Damon : My Best Friend’s Wedding.

Ashley : I have watched it a zillion times. Not this.

Damon : But I haven’t. We will watch this. That’s it.

After the movie was over –

Damon : It’s sad that two friends couldn’t become life partners. Ash what happened to you ?

Ashley : I’m alright.

Damon : Hey ! Come here. You know what friendship and love are totally different. But if you believe that you are actually in love with a friend then maybe it’s more than friendship kinda relationship.

Ashley : I felt bad for Julia’s character coz she deeply loved her best friend but unfortunately he didn’t.

Damon : I brought you home so that you would stop crying. But look you are shedding tears here as well. C’Mon be a good girl.

Ashley : I wanna stay with you tonight.

Damon : Then stay my love.

Ashley : But mom ?

Damon : Don’t worry I’ll talk to her.

Ashley : And your parents ?

Damon : I’ll convince them too.

Ashley : Seriously ? I love you muah.

Damon : I love you too.

Damon manages to persuade his parents as well as Ashley’s mom , Rayna. Ashley and Damon spend the entire night discussing about several topics about love , life and happiness. They fall asleep on the couch holding each other tight like two inseparable besties.

( In the morning )

Damon : Baby wake up. Ash look I’ve brought your favorite cappuccino. Open your eyes plzz.

Ashley : Good Morning !

Damon : Morning !!! Coffee for you.

Ashley : Thanks.

James : Sorry to disturb you guys. Ashley your mom has called and just wants you home soon. I think she missed you a lot last night.

Damon : Dad she will go. I’ll drop her.

Ashley : I’ll just finish the coffee and …

James : Ya sure. Ok see ya later.

Damon : Seems like your mom has realized her mistake.

Ashley : It’s mere acting. Once I reach home she would begin yelling at me for staying at your place.

Damon : I hope she doesn’t. Look just learn how to deal with a single mom. All your problems will be solved.

Ashley : But how ? Dealing with a single mom huh ?

Damon : Just Google it.

Ashley : Very funny. Anyway since I’m done with the coffee shall we leave.

Damon : Yup. Let’s go.

To be continued …

Ashley & Damon (Blog Series)

Episode – 1

What if your soulmate is none other than your very own best friend ? That’s quite a soup ain’t it ? For Ashley Reynolds love sounded like crap during her high school days. But controlling the chemical reactions isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. 99.99 % people fail in front of the power of love and so did Ashley.

( Ashley ‘s Home , Houston )

Ashley : Mom plz ! all my friends are going to the concert. Kindly grant me the permission.

Rayna : No means no. You are a brat and also a spendthrift. I would no longer allow you to spill my hard earned money in concerts and clubs.

Ashley : Oh really ? How many times have I even stepped outside the house now that you accuse me of squandering your salary ?

Rayna : After me and your dad divorced I didn’t receive a penny from him only because he was unemployed at that time. Remember it is me who is working day and night for you not your dad ?

Ashley : Mom enough. I won’t attend the concert. Happy ?

Rayna : But where you’re going now ? Ashley listen to me …. Ashhhh.

Well Ashley and Rayna have always had a disturbed relationship since she was more closer to her dad Shawn who reluctantly signed the divorce papers and lost his daughter’s custody coz he was jobless. But that didn’t stop him from visiting Ashley at least once a month.

( Rogers Cafe )

Melissa : Guys ! There’s Ashley.

Lola : She looks upset.

Damon : What happened baby ? Why are you crying ? Hey ! look at me.

Ashley : I don’t wanna live anymore. My mom sucks !!!

Damon : Shhhh. Sweetheart stop now. If you don’t then I’ll start crying even louder.

Melissa : Enough of drama both of you. Lola did you ever hear a person address his best friend as baby , sweetheart , etc ?

Lola : Never. I have been telling you since a long time that there’s something more than friendship brewing between Ashley & Damon.

Damon : Can you girls just shut up for god sakes ? Ash’s deeply hurt about something.

Lola : Sorry. C’mon Ash tell us what’s wrong ? Did you fight with your mom again ?

Damon : Ash , my baby what did your mom say ? Just tell me. I’m gonna deal with her.

Melissa : By the way , Damon you sound like her possessive boyfriend instead of a protective best friend.

Lola : LOL

Ashley : Damon I need to talk to you. Guys will you just give us a minute ?

Melissa : Okay. Let’s go Lola.

Damon : Do you need a coffee ?

Ashley : No. Damon ain’t I worthy of love ?

Damon : What kinda question is this ? Of course you are. You know I love you.

Ashley : But why doesn’t my mom love me ? She always holds me responsible for everything.

Damon : She did not allow you to go to the concert ?

Ashley : You know why ? She believes that I’m a pain in her ass.

Damon : Enough. If you aren’t going then even I won’t. Let’s watch a movie at my place.

Ashley : Okay. I don’t know how will I live when you get a job and leave Houston.

Damon : Don’t worry. I’ll take you along with me.

Ashley : Only if I were your girlfriend.

Damon : Then be my girlfriend.

Ashley : Are you kidding ? Me and your girlfriend ? No way.

Damon : Well I wonder what kinda girlfriend you might be.

Ashley : Wait until I get a boyfriend.

Damon : I can’t. You know I’m impatient. Start dating quickly and I hope you’re mom won’t forbid you from dating at least.

Ashley : No she won’t. (Laughs).

To be continued …

Taste of Freedom

Let’s drive on the wild highways like two birds freed from a cage.

Breathing in freshness of winds as if we turned into a devoted sage.

See through the giant cave along with bright red headlights on.

It reminds me of the darkness that tamed us both but is now gone.

Waving the flags of victory stood numerous adorable tiny tots.

Jumping out of the van with joy we drank uncountable love shots.


Push aside your responsibilities atleast tonite for me.

Not working a day won’t destroy your life baby.

Come closer to my unchained body and tangle up.

Exhale hard when I bite you like a tiny bed bug.

Derive the hidden pleasures with just one touch.

Make yourself comfortable without any grudge.

Clouds of intense love pave way for scary thunder.

All I want from you right now is a sweet surrender.

Being Me

In this massive universe 

I am nothing but an ant.

If I don’t follow the rules

whole society will rant.

The selfless are cowards

who fear to lose all piety.

When you taint the poor

it’s no use praying a deity.

Kant knew freedom’s worth

by calling it enlightenment.

Sad to witness the parents

forcing kids to get 100 percent.

Enslaved in the prison of life

I pledge to conquer with glee.

There’s no law on this earth 

that will punish for being me.

A Walk To Remember

When clouds poured chilling drops of rain

I stood under your umbrella.

Never heard the words of affection before

as you spoke like a nice fella.

Walking on the streets wasn’t that fun until

I moved step by step with you.

Glittering eyes of yours pulled me so close

and it seemed out of the blue.

Home sweet home arrived minutes later so

I had to wave you good bye.

That smile you gave as a mark of courtesy

almost forced me to badly cry.


He’s the angel with bright blue eyes

always attentive and on time.

He’s the giant who hates all bullies

kicking their ass to end crime.

He’s the leader guiding the masses

without an inch of arrogance.

He’s the partner showering his love

like a saint performing penance.

He’s the friend in good & bad times

wiping tears when I yelp.

He’s the guardian of this universe

never a second late to help.

Father Dearest

You are the silver lining in every cloud

who lights the lamp of posititivity.

You are the pillar of strength in my life

who never gives up responsibility.

You have a heart which is made of gold

that beats for all the needy souls.

You fought the odds to prove your worth

in order to achieve life’s goals.

You are mom’s Knight in shining armour​

who swept her off the feet.

You are the enticing​ rainbow on the sky​

full of life &​ extremely sweet.

You always stood behind me like a rock

during the times of trouble.

You reprimand me whenever I’m wrong

and get me out of the bubble.

You shine like a thousand splendid suns

impressing you is like climbing Everest.

You are the greatest asset that I possess

and I love you deeply Father​ Dearest.


Dark clouds won’t stay forever

and the sun will rise always.

Trees live for hundred years​

just like thy powerful gaze.

Flowers bloom in all seasons

although they die one day.

As long as the heart​ beats on

I will let my optimism stay.