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The HillsĀ 

There’s something sinister about

those hills in the backdrop.

No one knows the magic behind

them which allures us all.

Lush greenery is a boon to the

hungry eyes vying for love.

Stature of a hundred trees is

sky high limning their bulk.

Rugged arena attracts many

drifting minds near its core.

Whilst the invisible wind plays

hide and seek quite astutely.

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Evening of solitude

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Brushing my hair with its serenity

the wind blew fast and rapid.

Trees danced like tall ballerinas

soothing a mood that was tepid.

Walls beheld the inner bustle

lending the friendly shoulder.

Motive wasn’t to bolster me up

but to make me a lot bolder.

The greatest men stay immortal

only because of their gratitude.

I ultimately found the real me

on an evening of solitude.