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She has a heart made of glass

which broke countless times.

Her eyes were filled with tears

that disfigured her angelic face.

Ceaseless pain caused by her ex

kept haunting her like a ghost.

Terrifying memories of her past

didn’t distance her from hope.

She still has the hots for a love

that is ideal coupled with faith.

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Dark Love

Under the speechless moonlight

I spotted thee in the woods.

Never knew that passion existed

deep inside thy weird moods.

On a Friday night we came close

but something made you shove.

Even thee failed to halt our union

irrevocably going for dark love.

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Post Paroxysm

Two years of indefatigable brawling

culminated with a passionate kiss.

 He fell for me and I too fell for him

 on the consuming night of bliss.

 Those magnetic eyes of his blew my

mind miles away from realism.

We stood upon the lake of ecstacy

luxuriating in post paroxsym.

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A Walk To Remember

When clouds poured chilling drops of rain

I stood under your umbrella.

Never heard the words of affection before

as you spoke like a nice fella.

Walking on the streets wasn’t that fun until

I moved step by step with you.

Glittering eyes of yours pulled me so close

and it seemed out of the blue.

Home sweet home arrived minutes later so

I had to wave you good bye.

That smile you gave as a mark of courtesy

almost forced me to badly cry.

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Sweet Memories

He used to sit under the pine tree

with a book on the lap.

I waved a hello to him from my car

and asked to lend a map.

One fine morning he entered my class

with a cute satchel aside.

I merrily offered him a seat next to me

preventing him to decide.

A month passed and we became BFFs

who were filled with zest.

He brought presents for me everyday

and also helped me in test.

On the eve of Valentine’s I proposed him

holding a red rose upright.

He was smitten immediately by my move

and embraced me tight.

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Lying upon the arid sand 

in a really distant land.

Holding each other’s hand

inducing the love gland.

The sea beckons us both

to get wet sans our cloth.

There’s no reason to loath

instead relish tasty broth.

Our hips do not ever lie

although we are too shy.

Then clouds begin to cry

no longer leaving us dry.

Smooching causes a grin

sensing the touch of chin.

Content hearts tend to spin

seeing the union of our skin.

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Sweet Voice

Turning the music on 

during the early dawn.

Dancing , way up high

trying to reach the sky.

The wind hit my chest

like it was full of zest.

At last I had no choice

but hear thy sweet voice.